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Huzar Desk Standing Desk Extension - Assemble instruction

by Wiktor Świątkowski on May 21, 2020

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User manual - how to build your desk extension




 Needed for installation:

  1. All elements which came out with our Huzar Desk
  2. 14 screw for wood 3,5 cm length, for example finished with cross screwdriver endings
  3. Cross screwdriver (manual or automatic)






  1. At first, we are building tower for our desk to have final effect like below:

  1. To do this we first put one hussar flag with feathers turned to the left and put O-shaped back part closer to the top

  1. And H-shaped back part closer to the bottom

  1. We put second husar flag on the top of this, also feathers turned to the left

  1. We screw in 4 screws in the back, next to O-shape and H-shape back parts:

  1. Between the flags we slide flat basis 
  2. Holes in it should cover screw holes in side parts (husar flags) 
  3. We screw in 3 screws to each side in places marked. It’s important to do it straight.


  1. Now we put our desk extension on the top of our desk and make it fit perfectly to our needs :)

Lower, deeper part you slide in that way, to have in on the same level as your navel:


  1. When you put your keyboard there, your hands should be 90 degrees bent in the elbows.
  2. Here all of us can prefer to make it different, some prefer to make it higher so your hands can rest on the shelf, other prefer to have it one level lower, so your hands can lay down on shelf.
  3. Try both ways and choose one more comfortable for you.


  1. Upper part should be slide in on that height to be just below your solar plexus: 
  1. Additional information:
  2. Groove located on the top shelf is perfect for keeping there your smartphone or tablet. If you don’t need it, just turn the shelf upside down.
  3. If this is also possible you can also adjust monitor height using it’s feet stand. 
  4. If you are not sure about the heights, it will be better to set up your monitor a little bit lower, than higher.
  5. Monitor should stand as far as it can, around 50-60cm from your torso.


  1. Last part - the back

It’s role is to safe your monitor in case Huzar Desk will move somehow. It will be especially useful when we are using with desk not standing right behind the wall (for example open space in the office).

  1. We should install the back on the upper cuts of the desk sides:


  1. You can also use the back as extra level shelf (only works if you put the rest lower):

  1. Enjoy your Huzar Desk! 🙂



If you have any questions, please contact us :)






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