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πŸ“š Ergonomics - How to properly work with the monitor - rules of sitting at the desk

by Wiktor ŚwiΔ…tkowski on July 24, 2020

The basic rule is to focus on starting position, which is straight spine. Head should be pulling up, the rest of the body relaxed and "softly falling down".

The second rule is to move regularly, get up from the desk for a micro walk, change your sitting position, stretch your limbs and remember to return to the starting position with a straight spine.

🦡 1. Legs

Right angle at the knees.

If the legs do not touch the ground, use a footrest.


πŸͺ‘ 2. Back

Keep your back straight, comfortably based on the support of the chair or armchair.

Head is pulling the spine up.

Ideally, when we also have the opportunity to rest the head on the headrest.


πŸ’ͺ 3. Hands, arms and elbows

The arms hang loosely!

To let us have shoulders loosely, the desk should be quite low. To do this, we raise the armchair higher. It is perfect when the top of our table with keyboard is placed between the navel and thighs.

Elbows loose! We have elbows bent in a right angle or in a slightly obtuse angle.

Elbows can be gently resting on armrests. Armrests should be at the height of the countertop.

Hands extended loosely forward.


πŸ–₯️ 4. Monitor

The top of the monitor is slightly below the top of the head.

Monitor slightly tilted back.

The monitor should be kept a minimum distance from us at a distance of the outstretched hand with straight fingers.


☺️ 5. Head

From time to time head should be pulling up the spine.

Head slightly tilted down (that's why we tilt the screen backwards).


πŸ’– Honest reviews


Martin on Jul 11, 2020

Absolutely brilliant experience from start to finish, great communication from Wiktor and a great product. Would highly recommend



Jim on Jul 8, 2020

Super practical and stylish monitor stand for my studio, fantastic value. Viktor is helpfu, friendly and flexible to make bespoke adjustments. Delivery from Poland to the UK was around a week, well worth the wait.



Andrew on Jun 17, 2020

Superb little laptop shelf and worth the wait (~ 5 weeks from order to delivery to UK). Excellent design: manages to be both larger (in terms of usable surface area) and yet smaller (in footprint and in visual impact) than other laptop stands I've tried. Comes in three parts that are very easy to slot together - but also making it easy to store away and/or transport if you need to. Basically looking at this on my desk it fits in so perfectly it's like it's been there forever. Very glad to have found this excellent product.



Danny on May 13, 2020

What a great product! Very high quality and great packaging. Super easy to setup!



Felix on Jul 6, 2020

Hi Wiktor, the quality is perfect and the finish is so smooth. Im more than happy! Thank you!


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