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Simple Rack Monitor Stand instructions

by Wiktor Świątkowski on January 27, 2021


1. Carefully cook for screwdriver in your package

2. Mout your screwdrive into your power drill / electric drill / electric screwdriver


3. Match element with screws on the legs with screw holes



4. Use screwdriver to screw the screw

5. Mount all legs to your monitor stand

Any questions? Drop me a line hello@skleia.com


Second Edition

1. Place first two small screws in holes on one side of the monitor stand edge. Screw in the screws.

2. Place leg on the screws; their heads should go in holes in the leg.

Rotate the big screws in side of the leg untill the head of the small screw will go inside

Please note that you can turn 90 degrees legs so the big screws will face inside of the monitor stand and will not be visible on the edges.


3. When the leg is sitting in with small screws inside holes, turn the big screws so they will lock on the heads of small screws.


4. Repeat the process for the rest of the legs of your monitor stand.