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Rack 3 x 19" Music Studio Monitor Stand custom size and height 2U, 3U or 4U


Hand carved and made from sturdy plywood, this monitor stand is the best way to reduce eyestrain and improve posture. This ergonomic stand is the perfect way to not only increase productivity during your home office but also create a stunning look in your desk accessories. Our monitor riser also vastly improves the space available on the desk for important documents. Reduce the clutter and enjoy a more organized work station with this amazing desk monitor stand. Our new simple and light design will also give your desk minimalistic and fresh look.


πŸ‘‰ Benefits:

- Get your home office area great look – natural and minimalistic stand with clear lines
- Boost your working performance by having the correct body position.
- Healthy sitting position with less eye, neck and shoulder strain.
- Gives you more storage space on your desk. After work you can put the keyboard under it.
- Can carry up to two monitors and two speakers, which make simple desk real working space also for musicians.
- Perfectly customized for your needs. Contact us if you would like to have advice before ordering custom size.
- Handmade from solid 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood (top) and 35mm (legs)

Available sizes:

60x25x15cm / 24x10x6β€³
65x25x15cm / 26x10x6β€³
70x25x15cm /28x10x6β€³
75x25x15cm /30x10x6β€³
80x25x15cm / 31x10x6β€³
85x25x15cm / 33x10x6β€³
90x25x15cm / 35x10x6β€³
95x25x15cm / 37x10x6β€³
100x25x15cm / 39x10x6β€³
105x25x15cm / 41x10x6β€³
110x25x15cm / 43x10x6β€³
115x25x15cm / 45x10x6β€³ <-- height for 3U
120x30x18cm / 47x12x7β€³<-- height for 4U
125x30x18cm / 49x12x7β€³
130x30x18cm / 51x12x7β€³
135x30x18cm / 53x12x7β€³
140x30x18cm / 55x12x7β€³
145x30x18cm / 57x12x7β€³
150x30x18cm / 59x12x7β€³ <-- length for 3 x 19'' rack modules

Please send me message or note to order if you want to have custom height for 2U, 3U or 4U:
2U: 3.5β€³ - 8.9 cm
3U: 5.25β€³ - 13.3 cm
4U: 7β€³ - 17.8 cm

🎨 Available colours:

- Natural plywood
- Clear varnish
- White varnish
- Black varnish
- Natural oil
- Brown stain

Each stand goes with 4 legs: 2 on the sides are permanent, 2 between are optional - you can move them according to your needs or remove them totally.

Extra legs in the middle are reccomeneded when you want to put some heavy things on the top (for example two monitors).

Please note that you are buing monitor stand (not the whole desk).

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester